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Phase I: September 27th 28th
Phase II: October 3th -5th
Phase III: October 10th-12th

Conference : October 16th

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During the  workshop, we will investigate the concepts and the design techniques for the development of a coherent design methodology which challenge the traditional perception of the object by raising an open framework for thinking about design as a way of accumulation of different possibilities. We will explore the way how the design intentions and strategies can be embedded deeply in the formation of design, through a set of local interactions, geometrical systems and surfaces. The participants will explore the creative potential of the emerging and dynamic phenomena through the use of a series of algorithmic strategies (grasshopper + plug-ins) for interactive simulation and design optimization. Having  the opportunity to experiment with a range of computational tools we will design and fabricate a small pavilion focusing on the properties of aluminum profiles and Etalbond composite material to demonstrate in an artistic way  the construction logic of a sustainable and energy saving facade system. The goal of the workshop is to combine technological precision and creativity and connect the architects with the local industries and companies which will provide the material and machinery. The contemporary digital fabrication techniques and the case of CNC (computer numerical control) machines, provide effective connection between design and production and enable the construction of projects into scale 1:1.


The theoretical classes will establish the tools that will be directly applied and used as a platform for testing ideas to facilitate production of a real physical project. The workshop will operate through a framework of computational, parametric, and fabrication strategies. The agenda includes 3 phases, organized visits to the industries and a final exhibition. Parallel events/lectures will estimate critical trends on the local architectural and fabricational scene. Finally the structure will be exposed in the conference/event organized by the material providers.

Phase 1: Parametric Modeling

Using the parametric tools of Grasshopper and plugins, each team formulates a strategy to create a variation of a component system and a freeform structure. The objective is to design a self supporting grid with  structural rigidity through tessellation made of aluminium profiles, and a component with rigid folds made of Etalbond composite material.

Phase 2: Manufacturing techniques

In this session we are going to follow all the steps necessary for the preparation of the cutting parts in order to introduce participants to the production process by digital manufacturing with a CNC routing provided by the industry.

Phase 3: Construction/ Assembling

This last session is intended for organizing  the parts for the post-production and assembly of the structure, where the closing ceremony and certificate presentation will take place.

Participants: min 10- max 20-25 persons

Agenda: Link

Location:  THEBOX, Dorileou 12 , Platia Mavilis , Athens,

Requirements:  Basic Rhino and/or Grasshopper are welcome.

Aimed to:  All creative professionals, students, researchers and designers from Architecture, Interior Design, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Engineering.

Hardware:  Participants should bring their own laptop running Windows with latest versions of Rhino/Gh installed.

Software:  Evaluation versions of Rhino, Grasshopper and plug-ins will be provided if necessary.

Teaching Language:  English and Greek.

*60 Hours. No additional costs. All the materials and machinery are provided by the sponsors. Participants who are interested to enroll will be asked to send a brief CV to Participants outside Athens looking for hosting, please contact us.

Organizers: FaberArium,

Collaborator: Cavazos & Associates,

Coordination/ Informations:
Pablo Baquero/
Effimia Giannopoulou/,
Maria Mamoura/

Golder Sponsor ,

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In collaboration with Cavazos façade engineers.

Media sponsors, TheMonitor.

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