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Parametric Grid Structure

Phase I: Saturday and Sunday,  Nov 23-24.
Phase II: Saturday and Sunday,  Nov 30-1.
Phase III: Saturday and Sunday,  Dec 7-8.
Exhibition:  Saturday, Dec. 14.

Keywords: Parametric, Structures, Prototyping, Fabrication, Laser, Metal, Punching, Rhino, Grasshopper, Kangaroo.

This workshop presents the concepts and design techniques for developing a coherent design methodology which challenge the traditional perception of the object by raising an open framework for thinking about design as a way of accumulation of different possibilities. It will explore how the design intentions and strategies can be embedded deeply in the formation of design, through a set of local interactions, geometrical systems and surfaces. The contemporary digital fabrication techniques and the case of CNC (computer numerical control) machines, provide effective connection between design and production, which enable the construction of projects into scale 1:1.

During the workshop days, the participants will have the opportunity to sharpen their digital and prototyping skills, to experiment with a range of digital tools,  to design and fabricate a unique set of components that negotiate a range of material gradients across a field condition. The goal of this workshop is to combine technological precision and pedagogical creativity. Participants will understand concepts, design strategies and material constraints, in order to transform complex 3D geometries and structures to physical objects. Using parametric tools they will create interesting and optimal variations of outcomes within a given set of constraints and will obtain a sense of  machine time and material cost, depending on the complexity of the project.

Methodologies and Strategies:
The theoretical classes will establish the tools that will be directly applied and used as a platform for testing ideas to facilitate production of real physical projects. The workshop will operate through a framework of computational, parametric, and fabrication strategies. The agenda includes 3 independent phases. Additionally, a series of online lectures will estimate critical trends on the international architectural and fabrication scene. For the people who don’t know any software don’t worry, we will arrange tutorials accordingly.

  • Phase I:  3D Modelling and Design
    Using Rhino as a generative platform, we create a NURBS surface or object that serves as the overall form for the final project. Participants will propose a practical application for this object, to help drive its form, such as a furniture, a pavilion or a building façade.
  • Phase II: Parametric Modelling
    Using the parametric tools of Grasshopper, each team formulates a strategy to create a parametric component system by mapping onto the surface. The objective is to create a grid with  structural rigidity through tessellation, a variable network of rigid folds and a three dimensional system of connections.
  • Phase III: Fabrication and Prototyping
    Finally, the participants will be able to understand CAD/CAM procedures, from the basic to the most advanced in terms of digital tools manufacturing techniques and analysis of various solutions for each case. Using Laser cutting or CNC milling, participants will construct a full scale physical object in acrylic, wood or metal sheets. The conventional material will be transformed through cutting, bending and folding manipulations to create a topological network of elements to physically demonstrate the underlying design principles of the system. 

For any questions, please write to:
Contact/Pablo Baquero/Columbia, NY,
Contact/Effimia Giannopoulou/ESARQ, Barcelona,

Requirements: Autocad commands knowledge. Basic 3d modeling in any software. No previous experience is necessary. All levels accepted.
Aimed at: All creative professionals, students, researchers and designers from Architecture, Interior Design, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Engineers.
Hardware: Participants should bring their own laptop running Windows. In case of Macs, please contact us soon.
Software: Evaluation versions of Rhino, Grasshopper and plug-ins will be provided.
Language English and Greek.

300 Euros

-10% discount for all three phases enrollment.
-10% discount for early payment (until Nov.8) .
-10% discount for students (show doc.proof).

Participants who are interested to enroll in one or two parts of the workshop, the cost for each session is 100 euros (discounts applicable).
Prices are  without vat.

* In the third phase of the workshop people with experience in the software, that have already ideas or designs that they want to construct  are welcome .