Workshop 2012Alpha:: From Organic design to Construction

Posted on June 15, 2012 by efeminno

Dates: July 2 -11, 2012



This workshop will explore the creative potential of emerging and dynamic phenomena through the use of a series of algorithmic strategies using the platform of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper (plug-in), by participating in algorithmic design techniques that point to a new formal understanding.

The computational tools require not only ways of doing but ways of thinking, we think with our tools. The idea is to introduce new methods of design and production using digital tools and new emerging manufacturing techniques (CAM) that will revolutionize how we approach the design process to production.

Methodologies and Strategies:

The theoretical classes will establish the tools that would be directly applied to the project, and will be used both as a platform for testing ideas, and facilitate production of finished projects. Participants will gain experience by using simulation software in 2D and 3D to generate geometries that later will build with a 3-axis CNC machine.


Section 1: Digital Design and Parametric Modelling

This section will explore how the design intentions and strategies can be embedded deeply in the formation of design, through a set of local interactions, geometric systems, surfaces.

The seminar presents the concepts and design techniques to extend students in developing a coherent design methodology. and to challenge the traditional perception of the object by raising an open framework for thinking about design as a way of accumulation of different possibilities.

Section 2: Digital Fabrication and Prototyping

The contemporary digital fabrication techniques, as the case of CNC (computer numerical control) machine, provide effective connection between design and production which enable the construction of projects into scale 1:1. Through the workshop, students naturally come to understand procedures, generated from CAM(computer aided manufacturing) from the beginning to the most advanced in terms of digital tools, manufacturing techniques and analysis of various solutions for each case.