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“Strip Construction of Ruled-based Design”

Dates: 6*- 8*- 11 – 13  December 
Hours: 5-9 pm
* 9 & 10 additional sessions (10 – 2 am)
Exhibition: 14-21 December
Keywords: L-systems, CNC, Fabrication, Laser, Metal, Rhino, Gh, Kangaroo.
Organizer: Faberarium
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Computational tools require new ways of thinking, especially for fabrication. The parametric tools and digital fabrication techniques, as the case of CNC (computer numerical control) machines, challenge the traditional perception by raising an open framework for thinking about design as a way of accumulation different possibilities. Participants will understand from an early stage, strategies and construction details in order to create minimal surface structures.

A minimal surface is a surface that is locally area-minimizing, that is, a small piece has the smallest possible area for a surface spanning the boundary of that piece. Particularly fascinating are minimal surfaces that have a crystalline structure, in the sense of repeating themselves in three dimensions, in other words being triply periodic. The surfaces are generally made by defining and evolving a fundamental region of the surface, which is usually very simple due to the high symmetry, and then displaying many copies of it, suitably transformed. (taken from:, Nov. 4, 2017)


During this intensive workshop, we will have the opportunity to investigate methods and construction processes of a coherent design methodology from concept to realization: modeling, manufacturing, assembling. Theoretical and guided classes are aimed to establish tools that will be directly applied and used as a platform for testing ideas and to facilitate the production of real physical projects out of flat material sheets. Participants will be introduced to the preparation, production process and CNC manufacturing techniques and naturally come to understand constraint aspects of material behavior, joining system, reduction of fabrication cost and assembling process.
Each team or individual will formulate a strategy to create transformation sets of minimal surfaces. The exploration will be of lightweight and thin materials to design a self-supported shell structure. An extensive sample will establish how tools would directly be applied to the creation of complex objects. Using Grasshopper as the basic platform, we will explore the creative potential of the emerging and dynamic phenomena. The morphology will be separated in intrinsic stripes that will be connected using joints according to its behavior. The last session is intended for cutting and organizing the parts for the post-production and assembly.


The aim of this workshop is to design self-supporting minimal surface structures using strips morphologies. Participants will focus on a research both on the form-finding and fabrication of minimal surface structures. The geometries will be generated using an algorithmic process inspired by principles of self-organization, while at the same time taking into consideration, all the necessary parameters of digital fabrication. Minimal surfaces offer an unexpectedly complex outcome that emerges through the repetition of identical components transformed based on simple rules.


Wednesday 6th (5-9 pm) :::: Introduction to fabrication and Grasshopper methods*.
Friday 8th (5-9 pm) :::::::::::: Strips concepts and development of individual design projects*.
Monday 11th (5-9 pm) ::::::::: Preparation of cutting drawings. Nesting.
Wednesday 13 (5-9 pm) :::::: Laser cut and assembly of components.
Thursday 14 to 21th ::::::::::: Exhibition opening 8pm. Presentation. Awarding of participation certificate.

*Class session can be replaced on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th (10-2pm).

Workshop Instructors

Pablo Baquero // M.S. Arch / PhD in Genetic Architecture /

Effimia Giannopoulou // Msc in Biodigital Architecture /

Kalliopi Valsamidou // M.Arch /

G code, Episkopou Kitrous Nikolaou 4, Kamara, Thessaloniki.
La Doze, Vilara 1 & Syngrou, Thessaloniki.
Aimed to: Our team is always open for feedback from creative practitioners of all design and manufacturing fields.
Maximum participants: 15.
Requirements: Personal laptop running Windows.
Software: Rhinoceros 5 (evaluation version at official website). Grasshopper + Kangaroo (open source, latest version installed).
Duration: 16 hours. 
Language: English, Greek.
Cost: Registration/payment until November 30th:  170 EUR. Laser cutting cost included.