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Workshop 2013Alpha:: Design and Construct data tree relations:: Georgios Kontominas, Ioanna Tatli, Nick Konstantinidis, Leonidas Leonidou, kalliopi Valsamidou.

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Nicholas Waissbluth_Lecture

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Nicholas Waissbluth Sunday 7april,
(Vacouver time 7am)
Mauro Costa_Lecture
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Mauro Costa Saturday 6april,
(porto time 3:00pm)


Fabrication Technologies for Architecture

Dates:  Apr. 3 – 8th, 2013


This workshop will explore the creative potential of emerging and dynamic phenomena through the use of a series of algorithmic strategies and design techniques that point to a new formal understanding. Participants will have the opportunity to sharpen their digital and prototyping skills, to experiment with a range of digital tools  and to design and fabricate a unique set of components that negotiate a range of material gradients across a field condition. The goal of this workshop is to combine technological precision and pedagogical creativity connecting architects and designers with the local industries and companies  that have the machinery. Continue reading “Workshop2013Alpha::Overview” »