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Based on the concept of  in-vivo, in-silico, in-vitro architecture, the use of insilico tools challenge the philosophical concept of  “HomoFaber”  which refers to humans controlling the environment with tools.

Architects with no space, with no location fixed, nor country, but with an extreme wish of cultivation of artificial environments for people that had emerged from open platform studies, cloud storage, open source software and compromised on local materialities and therefore on the tectonics.

Effimia  Giannopoulou (Thessaloniki-Greece)

Holds a Master of Science in Biodigital Architecture from Esarq, Universitat International de Catalunya and a M.Arch from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has also realized Erasmus scholarship in FAUP, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto.

Her project of her master thesis was presented at “Beyond Media” Festival, 2009 in Florence and published at the ‘Genetic Architectures III: new bio & digital techniques’. As a freelance architect with an artistic background, she has collaborated in several projects, competitions and exhibitions in order to connect the relevance of biological paradigms with architectural design. Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece since 2004, currently dedicates in teaching, practicing, consulting and writting about advanced modelling and fabrication techniques.


Pablo Baquero (Bogotá-Colombia)

Architect, Artist and Computational Designer, whose main interest is on how natural systems and computer simulations areas are conducted to improve architecture of the future. Born in Colombia, he has lived in NewYork, and now he is living between Barcelona and Greece. He holds a PHD in Genetic Architecture from Esarq,Barcelona, Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University. He studied American Architecture at Cooper Union and Performing Arts at New York University, Bachelor of Architecture U.P.C. Bogota.He has been co-teaching at TU Delft Hyperbody with Nimish Biloria on interactive architecture studio.

He has taught with Affonso Orciuoli, Karl Chu and Matias DelCampo at the BioDigital Master, in Barcelona. Additionally , he was co-teaching at Pratt Institute with Peter Macapia and Parsons University with Andrew Macnair and was invited to participate in final reviews as jury critic at GSAPP, Columbia University, Pratt Institute and Parsons University. He has worked with Frank Repas Architecture in leading the group of Advanced Modeling and Emerging Systems Research.Experience that has been taken over to innovative modeling systems related to emergence and biological procedures in teaching and research fields.


Stratis Georgiou (Thessaloniki-Greece)

Born in Samos in 1988 and studying architecture in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Stratis is currently being in his last year of studies. During these years, he has participated in several architectural competitions with distinctions, but in the same time, trying to gain knowledge and define his interests, he has joined in a number of workshops, regarding a variety of domains, such as ecology and sustainability, computational and generative design, to digital fabrication and interactive architecture. During his practice and search in his diploma design and research thesis, he has been interested in how space and individuals are being affected by electronic means and the way of how computational design and digital technologies has been re-defining these relations within the context of the contemporary unban-scape.


Maria Mamoura (Athens-Greece)

Registered architect in Greece, obtained her Diploma in Architecture from National Technical University of Athens (2007) and holds a Master of Science in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL, 2013). Since 2007, she has a professional experience by collaborating with a variety of architectural firms in Athens in architectural projects, such as residential and commercial projects, from concept to construction and has participated in both greek and international competitions. Member of Technical Chamber of Greece since 2007 and the Architectural Association of Greece, currently she is working as a freelance architect and in parallel her focus is on the use of algorithms and emergent technologies applied in architectural process and design.


Jaime M. Cavazos (Thessaloniki-Greece)

General Manager of Cavazos and Associates and a practicing Architect – Façade Engineer, with 20 years of architectural engineering, facade engineering and industrial design experience in a fast paced design environment. His CV includes holding the top executive positions as the director of research and development for several large metal industries in Greece. He has finished his studies in the United States as an Architectural Engineer and is an Associate member of the American Institute of Architects and an Associate member of the Society of Façade Engineers in the United Kingdom. His competencies include managing engineering projects, overseeing the design process, creating innovative products and managing with building performance requirements and testing.